Posted by: phoenixpics | April 26, 2009

Introducing the Great Kendal Solar System Scale Model…

UPDATE: WE DID IT! Read all about our Big Day here…


The Solar System is a big place – a HUGE place, actually. It’s very hard to comprehend just how big it is. There are lots of maps and charts available, and websites that help you calculate how far apart the planets are at a given scale, but none of them really give you an idea of just how vast the solar system, our little corner of the universe, is…

Which is where the Great Kendal Solar System Scale Model comes in!

We plan to make a model of the solar system here in Kendal, which will help people see, and understand, just how far apart the planets actually are. But this won’t be a simple tabletop “Ah, I see…” model built out of bits of wood and different coloured balls, oh no. This is going to be a model that will take you half an hour to walk around, from one end to the other…

On the afternoon of SATURDAY OCTOBER 10th, between midday and 3pm, we’re going to recreate the solar system in, and around, Kendal Castle!


This exciting project will involve members of astronomical societies from all across Cumbria – Cockermouth, Barrow and Kendal! We will also be helped by very special and very welcome guests from even further afield, including Doug Ellison, founder of the phenomenally-succesful internet forum UNMANNEDSPACEFLIGHT.COM, who will be travelling up from Leicester to help us on the day.

Click on the tabs up at the top of the page there to find out more…


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